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Is World Peace Possible? Humanity nurtures the dream that planetary peace prevails and many of us already have understanding that shows that this is possible which makes it even more difficult to understand why we still have wars on Earth.
Regardless of age or nationality, more and more people aspire to human evolution in all its aspects and respectful and collaborative coexistence among all, which is why this year’s theme of the Integral European Conference held in Budapest, Hungary, was “The World Peace with the Integral Approuch”.
Congressmen studying Integral Theory reflected on the current war in Europe and other ongoing conflicts in other countries, under different aspects and perspectives of human culture, such as political, economic, ecological, psychological and historical, in order to arrive at answers, or new inquiries capable of expanding minds and consciences.
The long-awaited debate took place from May 25 to 29, 2022, and was fully organized from the perspective of the integral approach.

What is the Integral Approach?

In my lifelong learning process, I decided to study the Integral Approach developed by Ken Wilber, based on the teachings obtained from Lilian Shibata, Master in Systemic Psychology, Consultant and founding partner of Aqal, a consulting company based on the Integral approach. According to her:
“The Integral Approach emerges as an encouragement for those who transit through this complex scenario, and feel that humanity is at an inflection point.
Ken Wilber, based on a powerful conclusive assumption “everyone is right, but partially right”, allows us a broadening view to walk through this very circumstantial terrain called reality.
As a result of an intense and deep process of exploring the various areas of knowledge and traditions, Ken Wilber gives us an Integral operating system, which guides us like a Map.
And the map is the stage that will allow the dance of the various knowledges contemplating individual and collective perspectives expressed in a subjective and objective way, elegantly arranged in quadrants. Along with the quadrants, the levels or stages of development, the states of consciousness, typology and the different lines of development will compose what we call the Integral Model, an inclusive and transcendent proposal, essential in this contemporary world.” Lilian Shibata

Is World Peace Possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference 2022

Integral European Conference

The focus of this year’s Conference was beyond the war in Ukraine, the most recent and unsettling war on the European continent. In the debate other war zones such as Syria, Afghanistan and several African countries were addressed.

Integral Specialists and enabled Integralist participants to build a unique and globally in-depth and comprehensive future, with a view to building world peace.

Held every year on the European continent, the Integral European Conference allows the growth of human capital based on integral principles, in addition to promoting integral international collaborations.

Bence Ganti M.A., integral psychologist, international professor of integral psychology is creator and organizer of the Integral European Conferences (IEC) and founder and director of the Integral Academy. With dual US and Hungarian citizenship, he gives lectures, presentations and workshops around the world, including Integral Flow Groups. He is the main organizer, co-founder and director of the European Integral Conferences.

As a dual citizen of the US and Hungary, Bence connects cultures by lecturing and leading experiential workshops around the world, including his version of a hands-on Integral Flow Experience. Based on this, he created the International.

This year, IEC 2022 presented around the hybrid format, with a presentation of 12 lectures and more than 80 presenters around integral leaders that stimulate around 50 integral countries of the world.

Veja alguns dos mais aguardados especialistas da Teoria Integral e respectivos temas abordados:

Paz Mundial com a Abordagem Integral – WILBER, Ken

Paz e Perdão com a Abordagem Integral – GANTI, Bence

The Zelenskyy Challenge – BUCIUNAS, Vytautas

Ucrânia: um coração aberto YASKO, Kateryna

Complexidade e o Dilema da Objetividade em Tempos de Guerra – COENE, Frederik Dr.

New Stories of Love, Power, and Purpose – SEUHS-SCHOELLER, Christiane

Sustainability: You Matter More Than You Think

Sustentabilidade: você importa mais do que pensa – O’BRIEN, Karen

INTEGRAL MOVEMENT – Integral no Brasil – CARDOSO, Marcelo – workshop

Global Discussion Forum on War and Peace – mesa redonda

Trauma, Healing, and War Refugees – a Roundtable Discussion – GANTI, Bence, HÁRDI, Lilla Dr., MATÉ, Gabor Dr., YASKO, Kateryna


Is World Peace Possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference 2022

Integral Education for World Peace by Ken Wilber

The most awaited lecture at IEC 2022 was by Ken Wilber, creator of Integral Psychology, and Integral Movement. His work basically focuses on the integration of all areas of knowledge (science, art, philosophy, spirituality). The German newspaper Die Welt declared Wilber as “the greatest thinker in the field of the evolution of consciousness”.

Ken Wilber is a visionary thinker and developer of an integral “theory of everything” that embraces the truths of all the world’s great scientific and philosophical traditions. He is the writer, with over 25 books translated in the United States into 30 foreign languages. Ken Wilber currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and still serves as a philosopher, author, and teacher. He is also the founder of the Integral Institute, which is the first organization wholly dedicated to advancing and applying the Integral Approach to contemporary global issues.

In his introductory speech, Ken explained about peace and wholeness and detailed the structure capable of guiding a practice for our progress and end of war situations: “Wake-up, Grow-up and Show-up”. Finally, he emphasized his proposal for the Integral Vision to be effectively disseminated in society as a way of expanding awareness and transforming mentalities for peace.

“To get more people to develop an Integral Vision, we can use the education process itself. Many colleges and universities in particular have specialized courses where students can learn about Integral Theory in an optional course. As they learn this theory, and are impacted by its teachings, many will take it to areas of their professions – science, economics, psychology, arts, sociology, medicine, war history, politics, and even education itself, where they can create courses structured in Integral theory in these areas, thus reaching others to

This Integral framework obtained by the students would grant them understanding about many things, such as the war itself and, above all, reasons not to get involved in it and ways to stop it once it starts.

The more students there are, the more people will take the Integral Vision forward. And given that the percentage of people are reaching an Integral stage of development, more people would enter this stage of development.”


Is World Peace Possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference 2022

The Zelenskyy Challenge

Based on the Integral approach, Integral Master Coach™ and organizational consultant, Vitautas Biciunas helps individual leaders, teams and companies evolve towards greater integrity and effectiveness based on the Integral approach. He considers the growth of a critical mass of mature leaders with systems thinking and transformational capacity as the key to the healthy development of society.

Lithuanian and Ukrainian, Biciunas spoke about the new leadership qualities in the person of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his struggle for freedom. On And how these qualities differ from what is usually seen, and he posed other questions pertinent to the subject, in the following terms:

“Ukraine’s president is challenging world leaders to come forward with more courage and authenticity.

While we may not be able to fully understand what has just begun, we can try to look at it through the lens of the AQAL map and the Leadership Circle, one of the most integral frameworks for leadership development.

What new leadership qualities have we seen embodied by the people of Ukraine and their president Volodymyr Zelenskyy? And how do these qualities differ from what we are used to in the European political realm over the last 20 years?

Will we be able to take that energy and build a sustainable demand for 2nd level political leadership that is courageous, decisive, authentic, selfless and visionary? Or will the most vibrant, charismatic and strong-willed leadership remain in the grip of authoritarian dictators? There is much to rethink and reexamine in today’s political and social leadership.

How long will it take to have sustainable peace? Will we find the strength to do our work?

The Ukrainians are almost certain that they will win the war and drive out the invaders. Will “bridges” be built in an integral way?

The integral community can help the Ukrainians not to spoil the victory.

Is World Peace Possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference 2022

The Dilemma of Objectivity in Wartime

The Doctor. Frederik Coene is an EU diplomat based in Ukraine and leads the team responsible for all EU-funded development programs in the country. His previous assignments were in Tajikistan, Georgia and Belarus and before that he worked for humanitarian NGOs in Chechnya and Abkhazia. He holds a master’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in Caucasian and Central Asian studies and a doctorate in political science. In his spare time, he is integrating the stages of development with the enneagram and spiral dynamics into a single framework using ancient Vedic wisdom on transpersonal development.

During his speech, Dr. Coene provoked the reflection of the congressmen in a comprehensive way on many dilemmas caused by the war in Ukraine and, with the aim of reflecting on the question: Is World Peace possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine will have consequences for geopolitics and the world order that will be equivalent to or even greater than those of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Whether this will destroy our democratic Western civilization or herald the beginning of a new social model will largely depend on processing the collective trauma of war.

Theoretical and conceptual models are great topics for conferences and principles are inspiring and moving during retreats, but do they make sense in times of war? Should we have compassion for Russians who support the atrocities of the Russian military? Should we wish President Putin a quick death? Is maintaining objectivity counterproductive to winning the war? Should we stick to the black and white narrative of “Ukraine defending democracy and fighting evil Russia”? Are we supporting Putin by talking about interconnectivity and the complexity of the roots of war? Should we integrate the ‘red’ by taking up arms?

He spoke about the dilemma of complexity and objectivity in terms of war. He stated that the Ukrainian democracy index is not even among the first. Likewise Ukraine has a high rate of corruption.

It urged congressmen to reflect on these questions: Is Putin a psychopath? He’s dangerous? Who made this diagnosis? Does that mean that part of the Russians are too?

How do we collectively contribute to the situation we have now?

Is explaining how we got here justifying war? How to integrate green? How to integrate red during the war? What is the future of dealing with pathological red? Should we have compassion for the Russians? What about karma? Why did he have to leave Ukraine?”

Instituto Integral Brasil – an experience for the healing of Brazilian collective traumas

Is World Peace Possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference 2022


Marcelo Cardoso, founder of Instituto Integral Brasil, led a workshop that sensitized all the participants to the collective traumas of Brazil, having as guest a representative of the original peoples of the country, Ubiraci Pataxó.




Is World Peace Possible? Debate at the Integral European Conference 2022


Through constellation work, Marcelo and Ubiraci provided those present with an experience that allowed us to foresee how Brazil can have a project for the future inspired by the dimensions of integrality through the healing and transformation of traumas as an example of Regeneration.


Marcelo Cardoso has held senior executive positions over the last 25 years in large organizations in Latin America, having worked to create conditions for people and organizations to transform. He recently published the book – Gestão Integral – ​​where he shares his learning from the last 20 years and leads CMI a training program in Integral Consulting and Facilitation in partnership with Sean Hargens, Heidi Gunstrat.

Study on the Integral Approach in Brazil

Certainly the opportunity to learn and reflect that the Integral European Conference 2022 added to my learning process about the Integral Approach now underway training under the guidance of Professor Ari Raynsford, translator and disseminator of Ken Wilber’s work for 30 years to whom I greatly appreciate.
Thank you very much!

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